Finding A Psychiatrist or Psychologist

The following are the other centres around Toowong where psychiatrists and/or psychologists are located

  • The Coronation Place Specialist Centre, Toowong 3870 5700
  • The Toowong Specialist Clinic 3720 9700
  • Bardon Specialist Group 3876 3333
  • Westside Specialist Centre 3878 1222

If you Google "RANZCP find a psychiatrist", you will be directed to this page, You can search for psychiatrists by location and self-stated areas of interest.

If you Google "find a psychologist", you will be directed to this page,, which belongs to the Australian Psychological Society.

Private Hospitals

To arrange assessment for admission to hospital, a GP can contact the four Brisbane private hospitals on the following numbers.

  • Toowong Private Hospital, 1300 131 243
  • New Farm Clinic: 3254 9133
  • Belmont Private Hospital, 1800 700 274
  • Pine Rivers Hospital, 3881 7291